My dear friends,

I am happy to share with you the joy of a new international recognition.

The joy is even greater as this year, on the 10th anniversary of the launching of the Luna Solai brand, the oil submitted for judging is made from sunflower seeds coming from our own production, following the first harvest from our lands, according to the requirements of the ecologic agriculture. This oil has been awarded a maximum of three stars a Superior Taste Award.

We submitted for evaluation only the organic sunflower oil because, although we have it in limited quantities, we wanted to check our work as small farmers and small producers. In addition, the sunflower oil is the one to which we owe the story of our brand, being also the Romanians’ favorite taste.

ITQi’s recognition of the quality of our organic sunflower oil in the year in which TAF Presoil turns 10 comes as a confirmation of my family’s work, but also of the passion and demanding expectations for a clean oil that I gained during the apprenticeship years spent with my father.

I hope that this international recognition will strengthen the confidence of my small team of employees in our development perspectives. And I also think it comes as an additional quality guarantee for the consumers who have chosen us, guided by the constantly pleasant experiences with our products.

Similar to the famous Michelin guide in gastronomy, ITQI does not organize a competition, but an evaluation of the products based on its own merits. Only products that have received a grade higher than 70% are awarded the “Superior Taste Award” with one, two or three gold stars.