Luna Solai news and events in press
We are the champions again!
This year, our pumpkin cold pressed oil was awarded again, obtaining a qualification of TWO STARS at Superior Taste Award on International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi). Ou...
Luna Solai at Terra Madre Festival in Italy
After applying a survey last year, Prince of Wales’s Foundation identified across Romania more than 200 farms and 70 high quality natural and healthy products. From these 70 top pr...

22089406_1388802567913127_7415987087251424572_nPovesti si bucate de la Luna – de la bunici adunate si apoi nepoatelor date”

You who read these stories,

Pass them forward, don’t keep them to yourself!

Don’t be proud, we are the same

But never think you are not worthy

Be kind, forgive,

Always remember your home and your country

Don’t’ let them fade away in your mind and soul!

Ana Fetita