Great taste awards 2020

A bright gold oil with gentle nutty notes on the nose. Silky smooth, it has a gently nutty flavour. Fresh tasting, well-balanced and with a clean finish.

Very pale straw yellow in colour, with ripe nuts, dried sunflower seeds and hints of hay on the nose. Smooth and silky on the palate with a slight cayenne pepperiness, this is a medium bodied oil with a good balance of acidity and ripeness and a clean fresh finish, without any cloying qualities.


Great taste awards 2020

Very sweet and nutty, fresh hay on the nose and a bright golden straw colour. A lovely silky mouthfeel and with gentle nutty, buttery notes – very mellow and smooth.

Rich marigold yellow in colour, with fresh hay, straw and fresh cabbages on the nose. Full bodied and silky, with immense rich butteriness on the palate with hints of sweet peanut husk. Smooth and nutty on the finish, this is a gently appealing oil with an elegant neutrality and sophisticated sweet flavour profile.


Great taste awards 2020

This pale golden liquid is a little thin as an oil but has such an appealingly authentic walnut aroma on the nose. On the palate, it is delicate and intense, if a little short on the finish. Honest in its flavour, our only criticism is this is perhaps a little too delicate; it would benefit from having a little more depth of flavour and a more dense viscosity although the walnut is fresh and natural.

This is a gentle walnut oil, not assertive or thick, but has a silky smooth texture and a well-rounded taste. The colour is a warm gold, and the oil has a satisfying, clean mouthfeel. The taste of walnuts is fresh and bright. It would be a good oil for salads, with a light nutty flavour that needs neither vinegar nor lemon.


Paul Bloomfield, Bucatar, Oxford Bridge

“I tasted the wallnut oil and I appreciated the excellent taste. We also recommend canola oil used for adelicious dressing for salads!”

Cristian Roman, blogger culinar Foodblog.r0

“I am glad that there are manufacturers who care about the opinion of those people passionate forculinary arts. Luna Solai is one of those manufacturers who did not hesitate to send me in Ireland a pack of high quality cold pressed oil, including the award­winning European level ­ the sunflower oil.There is a tremendous difference to similar commercial oils … Congratulations!”

Oana Cuzino, Medic, Realizator emisiune „Ce se intampla doctore?””

“The most delicious and healthy oils !! I use them in salads while and the pumpkin oil is great in a hot soup in winter ! Congratulations! It was a nice surprise to discover that are “made in Romania ” ! Good luck !”

arh. Octavian – Sever Coifan
Parfumeur à Paris

“I had the pleasure to discover your oils during a special event in Cluj where I presented my perfumes. Let me congratulate you on the excellent quality of the products, absolutely sensational in terms of bouquet. I dare to say that is something I can not find in Paris and your gift-box was one of the revelations right from the heart of Transylvania .
I wish you success in everything you do .”

Nicola Edmonds, Photographer

“I recently tried the La Luna Pumpkinseed oil – this was my first time and I loved it! I used it as a spread on bread and also added to a fresh green salad and loved the wonderful nutty savoury flavour it added to the meal and enjoyed it even more knowing that this oil is so good for me, at the same time.”

Diana Moldovan

“My husband and I were searching for an oil that resembles the one I tried last year in Tanzania (where there is a incredible tradition in producing sunflower oil) .Well , I must say that I have stopped my search while tasting your sunflower oil, I really like it ! Congratulations!”

Lorela Corbeanu, Certified International Trade Advisor

The British Romanian Consultancy,
“I met Luna Solai while attending the International Food Exhibition (IFE) 2013 in London. I was proud to see that Romanian products that put together imagination, quality and experience were finding their way on to the UK market as well as on to the other foreign markets. I am confident that the quality of Luna Solai special oils, supported by a smart marketing, will achieve outstanding results on the international markets”.