Moon, sun, equilibrium.

Suited to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the LunaSolai cold pressed oils bring to your daily diet all the natural wealth of the raw seeds, cold pressed in a pure way that keeps intact the natural taste and essential elements.

Multiple benefits for your health.

Cold pressed oil is a product made by pressing oleaginous seeds without using heat
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Luna Solai – Superior Taste Award 2017

Luna Solai - Superior Taste Award 2017

Michelin stars are known to signify the world's guarantee of taste quality. We have new reasons to enjoy and be proud because our ...citeste tot

A special day in a special company

A special day in a special company

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles of Wales, honored us with his presence at Luna Solai oil stand during his private visit to Turd...citeste tot

Luna Solai BIO

Luna Solai BIO

One of our last year’ plan was to offer our customers a range of bio oils and due to our mission to preserve the tradition and c...citeste tot

Luna Solai. A cold pressed oils collection, healthy and stylish, mixing good taste with health in a modern shape, based on a transylvanian tradition of raw seeds cold processing…discover the LunaSolai range of products.